Ansoo Lake

A secret jewel that enchants visitors with its pure beauty and peaceful atmosphere is buried inside the attractive environment of Pakistan’s Kaghan Valley. Due to its tear-shaped appearance, Ansoo Lake gained its status as a natural marvel and is now a well-liked vacation spot for explorers, nature enthusiasts, and photographers. Ansoo Lake gives an amazing experience to anyone who travels to its shores because of its beautiful landscapes, peaceful environment, and unique geological features.

The legendary story of Ansoo Lake

A local legend claims that Saif ul Malook, a prince, once fell in love with a fairy princess. According to legend, it was forbidden for humans and fairies to get married, therefore the Prince had to go through a series of hardships for almost 12 years before he could marry the fairy.

However, it was impossible due to the villain’s presence in the story. The fairy was also a victim of a tremendous Deuo Safaid’s desire to wed her.

He seized her as a result. The giant started to cry, though, when he understood that the fairy was powerless to stop his love for the Prince. Thus, the tears of that giant resulted in the creation of Ansoo Lake.


Ansoo Lake lies buried away in the great Himalayan range at a height of roughly 4,245 meters above sea level.

It is close to Malika e Parbat, Kaghan’s tallest mountain. Furthermore, this lake is recognized as one of Pakistan’s largest lakes.

How can one arrive at Ansoo Lake?

This stunning lake can be reached in two different ways.

Along the Saif Ul Malook Lake

The magnificent Ansoo Lake can be reached after a difficult hike of seven to nine hours from Lake Saif ul Malook to Ansoo. The experts advise beginning the trek early in the day because it becomes challenging in the dark.

Along Mahandri Village Road

The second route is via Village Mahandri, which is situated around 25 miles south of Naran. You can travel by jeep from the Mahandri bazaar to the charming town of Manoor.

You can ultimately reach the Ansoo Lake after a further 7-hour hike that brings you through the lovely Dher green meadows.

The climate of Ansoo Lake

Since it is located at a height of around 1400 feet above sea level, the temperature is typically low. As low as –20 °C can be experienced. In the winter, the lake is entirely covered in ice, the weather is dreadful, and a stroll is impracticable.


Ansoo Lake


The hills are painted in vivid colors in the spring and summer when the meadows burst into life with a riot of colorful wildflowers. The leaves turn into an array of reds, yellows, and oranges as autumn approaches, producing an incredible tapestry.

Visitation Period

Its high altitude meant that it was always blanketed in snow during the winter. Therefore, June through September is the ideal season to travel to the gorgeous Ansoo Lake.

Ansoo Lake’s depth

The lovely Ansoo Lake is located 13940 feet above sea level.

Activities you have to do

Ansoo Lake provides a variety of activities for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Trekking to the lake is an exhilarating experience that puts travelers’ physical stamina and mental toughness to the test.

Many of their visitor’s favorite hobby is camping close to Ansoo Lake. An experience that brings peace and a sense of connection to nature is sleeping under a star-filled sky while surrounded by high mountains.

The crackling bonfire, the warmth of companionship, and the distant sound of wildlife create an ambiance that is both invigorating and soothing.

Final Thoughts

Ansoo Lake, with its striking beauty and remote location, stands as a testament to the breathtaking wonders that the natural world. It’s the beauty and power of nature, a place where you can escape.

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