Arang Kel Kashmir

The beautiful town of Arang Kel is situated in Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir province’s Neelum Valley. It provides beautiful views of the surroundings and is hidden back in the Himalayan mountains. The natural splendor of Arang Kel is well-known for its beautiful meadows, sparkling streams, and expansive views of peaks covered in snow.

A reasonable walk from the village of Kel, a well-liked tourist site in the Neelum Valley, will get you to the village. The tranquility and quiet of Arang Kel make it the perfect getaway for outdoor enthusiasts.


Arang Kel is a small community close to Kel that occupies a position on a mountaintop two kilometers away from Kel at an elevation of 8,379 feet. Only a chairlift or a two-hour walk over wilderness terrain can get you there. Army officers and local government officials patrol frequently to keep the peace while chairlifts are in use.

The climate at Arang Kel

Arang Kel experiences nice summer weather, although the winters can be chilly. This village’s location atop a mountain means that the wind always blows, dispersing the heat. When the sky is clear, the chilly air provides an ideal opportunity to gaze up at Mount Nanga Parbat’s spectacular summits, offering you a free vista.

Arang Kel: Visitation Period

Arang Kel

The Neelam Valley, where Arang Kel is located, is best visited between April and October. However, July is the best month for hiking.

You must visit Arang Kel Meadows in the spring or summer if you want to fully appreciate its magnificence. It is not recommended to visit this location during a monsoon or a snowfall due to the sandy pathways.


Arang Kel travelers must depart from Muzaffarabad to begin their journey. From there, a drive of 110 kilometers through Neelam Valley would bring you to Sharda. Given that Sharda is a well-known campsite in the area, travelers find it ideal for lodging there before traveling to their destination. Although Arang Kel is 19 km from Sharda, getting there typically takes 2-3 hours due to road work.

When in Arang Kel, one has the option of using a chairlift that is more than 200 feet above the earth to get to Kel. Alternatively, they can decide to walk for 1000 meters to get to Kel.

Places to Visit in Arang Kel

Arang Kel is a stunning area with lots of lovely locations to explore. Here are some notable places:

Gurez Valley: Kel to Taobat, the main location one needs to get to in order to reach Gurez Valley, is a 4-hour journey. Despite the terrifying route, the goal is rewarding because it has beautiful scenery. With all the amenities, the location is one of the best in Kashmir for accommodation.

Lake Chitta Katha: Another Himalayan Lake can be found in Pakistan at Chitta Katha Lake. The 20-kilometer journey from Kel to Chitta Katha Lake must be made in a jeep. Travelers may reach this lake by hiking for 5 kilometers because it is one of Kashmir’s top hiking locations.

Sharda Peeth: Sharda Peeth can be reached from Kel in 1 hour and 19 minutes. Sharda Peeth is one of Kashmir’s most popular tourist destinations as well as a prominent Hindu holy site. The temple served as a hub of learning for eminent Hindu academics.

Activities in Arang Kel

There are numerous things to do in Arang Kel that will keep tourists occupied and fascinated about the hidden treasures the area holds. It is among Kashmir’s top tourist destinations. Some notable activities are:

  • Trekking
  • Sightseeing
  • Camping
  • Photography
  • Horse Riding
  • Wander to the Meadows
  • Hiking Towards Mountains
  • Bonfire at Night


For accommodations, Fortunately, there are many locations in Arang Kel and Sharda. Several of them are given below.

Sharda Highland Hotel: The hotel offers friendly services and delicious meals at its restaurant, making it one of the greatest locations to stay in Arang Kel. Along with ample parking, and a safe online booking option, you can reserve any of their well-equipped rooms.

Hill View Guest House: The Hill View Guest House is a unique accommodation option in Arang Kel. The location includes spacious family rooms with balconies offering a lovely view of the surroundings.

The Lodge Sharda: The Lodge offers food and drinks facilities, with enough parking space and extra bed options. Moreover, one can enjoy BBQ with the company as well as visit the nearby places easily from this location.

Elysium Inn Guest House: The gorgeous meadows can be seen from every room in the Elysium Inn Guest House. Visit here and have a happy vacation if you want to make your trip memorable.

It’s essential to make bookings well in advance and check with local travel agencies or tourism organizations for the most up-to-date information.

Final Thoughts

One of the most breathtaking locations in Neelum Valley is Arang Kel Azad Kashmir. A family vacation or a getaway with friends would be ideal there because it is such a peaceful location.

Arang Kel is a great starting point for exploring other areas of Azad Kashmir because it is located in Neelum Valley. But this gorgeous location is a fantastic illustration of the magnificence that awaits travelers to Azad Kashmir.

Don’t wait any longer to take your loved ones on a vacation exploration of this interesting and visually appealing location.

For the exploration of ancient civilization, Mohatta Palace Museum is the best place to visit.



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