Pakistan Travel Guide

Red Fort Muzaffarabad Kashmir

The Red Fort, located in Kashmir’s scenic Muzaffarabad Valley, is a monument to the area’s rich historical and cultural heritage. The fort is a well-known monument and a representation of resiliency thanks to its magnificent architecture and compelling history. The Red Fort, an architectural wonder that was constructed during the rule of the Chak dynasty, …

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Neelam River Kashmir

The Neelum River softly winds its way through Kashmir’s scenic valley, nestled among the stunning Himalayan vistas. The Neelum River, also called the “Blue Gem” of Kashmir, is recognised for its stunning beauty, pristine waters, and alluring surroundings. Geographic characteristics The Neelum River, which flows parallel to the Line of Control separating India and Pakistan, …

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Rawalakot Kashmir

Pakistan truly embodies the beauty of the natural world. Rawalakot offers a tranquil and alluring getaway for nature enthusiasts, surrounded by lush green valleys, snow-capped mountains, and sparkling rivers. distance of Rawalakot Kashmir from Lahore The approximate distance between Rawalakot, Kashmir, and Lahore, Pakistan is around 265 kilometers (165 miles). Please note that this distance …

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